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Friday, 18 March 2016

I did it again

A year or two ago, I uploaded a song I wrote to YouTube.

Some of you might remember it, "Soos die Branders", it still shows up in this Blogger feed.

It's an Afrikaans song which I was very proud of, because I wrote it myself, did the video myself and had the mastering done by someone else (which was quite expensive).

This was actually the first song I wrote.

I have other songs too, but they still need music.

I was really proud of this song, I poured my entire being into it.

So if I was so proud, why did it disappear?

Why did I delete it?

After 3000 views, I started getting the ugliest negative comments, things like people telling me

  • I can't sing and should rather try crafting or painting and saying 
  • I'm so fat, I look like a cocoon ready to pop. 
  • One guy even wrote me a poem and published it to Google+. It was a nasty poem, also begging me to just stop singing.

The saddest thing about all of this is that these people are from South Africa.

Maybe that is why we can't stand together as a nation. We don't want to see the sun shine over anyone else.

I was devastated. I took each and every comment personally. I actually started to believe them.

So, I couldn't take it anymore and I deleted it.

What made me decide to put it up again?

These awesome people: 

1. Jeff Bullas with his post How to make your Video Rank number one on YouTube.
Because the subject of YouTube was still a rather tender subject, I couldn't help leaving a comment where I received support from these two awesome people:

Meloney Hall and Yogesh Shinde

2. Michael Stelzner of Social media Examiner  in his post how to deal with haters and trolls who personally told me not to let these trolls influence my online presence or website.

3) Derek Halpern, I thoroughly enjoy this video - GO DEREK!!

4) And ofcourse, my amazing friends at Wealthy Affiliate who also said that normally these people don't even have the guts to put their pictures up on YouTube and that I don't know them, I shouldn't let their opinions matter.

You must see this video that was on Twitter it's so awesome:

These realizations

1) God and His Word

Just think about the story of the 3 men who received talents. The first two used their talents to get more talents. The last one buried his talent, thinking that he might loose it. In the end, he did, because it was taken away from him. 
God gave me a talent and a dream - I'm not going to bury it because of some low life trolls.

2) Good people rarely leave comments

I've seen all over the web, the good supportive people rarely leave comments, they just like and share.

 The one's who leaves the bad comments are the ones who are either jealous or hurt inside and want to hurt other people, thinking it will take their hurt away - their wrong. (What you sow - you will reap)

But, you do get exceptions where some good people will leave honest opinions - I don't mind those, I can see when it is an uplifting (meant to be positive) comment that's just meant to help - almost like the judges at the talent shows.

4) Even the most amazing people have haters

When someone's video gets too much attention - there are people who just have to try their best to break them down.
Even the most amazing marketers around the web have them.
I realized, I'm not the only one and I shouldn't take it personally.

3) I've got proof

I've got proof that I can sing:

I was in the top 10 in our Singing Studio

I received A+'s at the language and arts festival:

I've got 4 of these, all in different genre's

I was a power of song finalist

And these are just the one's I've got written proof off. The other's are video's of performances.

Long enough have I let these trolls influence me.

This is my song and I wrote it. I'm proud of it and no matter what they say - from now on -
 I will only see bad comments as jealousy speaking.

Now I ask you, if you like my YouTube video, please leave me a nice comment, give me a thumbs up and share my video on all your social media channels - let's show these trolls what we're made of.

You can get it on SoudCloud too: